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Pet Salon & Hotel


Boarding your Dog

Flexible scheduling is available. To schedule an appointment, call us today at

Rules  for boarding your Dog:

- Dogs MUST be up to date on all their vaccations, including rabies, as provided by your vet.

- Young Dogs must have had atleast their first 2 puppy shots for proper immunization.

- Vaccation against kennel cough (bordattlla) is recommended for the protection of your dog as well as others.

- We ask that you bring your dogs food and treats or we can provide these for a small daily fee

- We are well able to administer medication of any kind, prescribed by your vet, or supplements. We reserve the right to charge for this.

- We supply bowls or dishes

- We encourage you to bring bedding that your pet is accustomed to.

- You are welcome to bring toys

- Each dog will be assigned their own tote box for their belongings

- It is helpful for you to come with your pet’s feeding instructions (quantity, times, method) to leave with us. Feel free to add information about his/her habits, such as “Sits for treats”, commands, or behaviors. It helps us to know our new or returning friends.

- At this time, we do not currently accept Cats but please check back as the plan is to add them in the future.


* It is highly recommended to call a week ahead of your desired appointment day.

Includes cozy indoor 4x6 suites, opening to private outdoor runs, under roof, via doggie door. 2 larger suites available for family of dogs, either dog TV or Music plays for the pets at moderate volume, soft nightlights give a reassuring, pleasant ambiance. Refrigeration for any medication or pet food that requires it. Grooming services can be provided at an additional fee. The rate is $20 per night if picked up by noon. If checked out after noon there is a half day charge of 10 dollars. Extra fees may be added for special needs dogs.


You will be asked to sign  a “waiver”. If your pet is left for a  period of 14 days past the date in which we expect him or her to be picked up, the animal is considered to be ours. We are reasonable people: if we are informed that you are delayed, we will not claim your pet as our own!


If your pet runs out of food, treats or medication while here, they will be given Victor Dog food at a cost of 3 dollars per day.

Every effort will be made to keep your family member well. If he/she needs veterinary attention, we will seek their usual veterinarian. The cost will be passed on to you, unless it is determined that we should share responsibility.