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Pet Salon & Hotel


Give your pet the royal treatment by bringing them to our premier pet salon. For your convenience, early drop off times are available and late pick ups can coordinated.

Boarding - Includes cozy indoor 4x6 suites, opening to private outdoor runs, under roof, via doggie door. 2 larger suites available for family of dogs, either dog TV or Music plays for the pets at moderate volume, soft nightlights give a reassuring, pleasant ambiance. Refrigeration for any medication or pet food that requires it. Grooming services can be provided at an additional fee. The rate is $20 per night if picked up by noon. If checked out after noon there is a half day charge of 10 dollars. Extra fees may be added for special needs dogs.


Bath & Tidy - includes a quality bath and blow dry with neat face, paw pads, potty patch, nails, bandana/bows and cologne. Starts at $25 with consideration for short hair dogs.


Grooming - Includes 2 shampoos, high quality conditioner, hand blow dry, breed specific clip (including face, paw pads, nails & potty patch, ears) bandana/bows and cologne. Starts at $40 for small dogs. Additional fees for dematting above and beyond the normal


* All nails are dremeled at no additional cost under service. If you need just nails done its only $10.

* Fleas: If dogs are found to have fleas, they will be given a flea bath or Capstar pill, at an additional cost.

Precision grooming for any pet

To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today at

The comfort level

of all dogs will be individually considered

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* It is highly recommended to call a week ahead of your desired appointment day.

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